Minding your (visual) language

City of Boroondara

Our strategy to help local government engage internal and external audiences proves that guidelines for sub brands within large organisations work best when they temper the need for consistency and familial links with an invitation to be flexible and creative when necessary.

The City of Boroondara needed a strategy to guide development of two important sub brands: one would equip the council to engage a range of community groups on a heritage redevelopment project; the other needed to inspire council staff across different service areas with a single, cohesive proposition.

Community and staff consultation were central to our strategy for developing the new sub brands – as a means of research and an effective way of building support among stakeholders.

For the council’s new arts centre housed in Hawthorn Town Hall, Fenton conducted several workshops with project staff and community groups and developed a new name and logo.

Similarly, our process for streamlining the growing number of discrete sub brands for different staff service areas began with research to establish a picture of staff needs and finished with focus groups to test the single, unifying brand we proposed.

The new Hawthorn Arts Centre was celebrated with a public launch and the brand was documented in a booklet in which technical guidance and inspiring design underpin the story of the centre’s inception.

Our new brand for council staff won the award for best internal communications in the 2013 Government Communication Awards.