Busting the dairy weight-gain myth

Dairy Australia

Fenton developed a national media campaign to convince Australians that eating dairy foods does not lead to weight gain. The approach combined the latest scientific research with an affectionate homage to French cuisine to get the topic back on the media and public agendas.

Dairy Australia engaged Fenton to develop and implement a media relations strategy as part of its Legendairy campaign to boost demand for dairy products and bust the common myth that consuming dairy contributes to weight gain.

Two eminent international personalities were the focus for media relations: Professor Arne Astrup, global leader in nutrition and obesity research, and Mireille Guiliano, author of French Women Don’t Get Fat. To cut through the crowded health media space, we developed key messages based on evidence that also had emotional appeal.

We developed and managed a busy media tour for Prof Astrup and Mireille to get maximum exposure for evidence-based, balanced lifestyle, and positive dairy messages. Mireille Guiliano’s tour included media and blogger events and the release of her new Manifesto for Australian Women.

As a renowned global leader in obesity research, Prof Astrup was the perfect choice for influencing local nutrition and health experts, particularly those who contribute to policy development. Mireille provided living proof that dairy does not contribute to weight gain and repeated exposure reassured parents through a number of media channels.

Strong national media coverage of Mireille and Prof Astrup included news features, lifestyle magazines, food, health and wellbeing and business publications. We also secured appearances on TV programs The Morning Show and The Daily Edition and successfully engaged with relevant bloggers.

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