A little knowledge can be a powerful thing

Moreland Energy Foundation

Working with sustainable energy experts at the Moreland Energy Foundation, we helped mount a social marketing campaign to encourage Moreland residents to reduce energy use by promoting a daily target of 5kWh of power per person.

Research showed that many residents were unaware of how much power they use or how they compared with others. Moreland Energy Foundation asked Fenton to plan and implement a pilot campaign to raise community awareness of a recommended daily target for energy use, explaining how to reach the target and promoting the benefits.

We developed a phased approach that included research, messaging and design, focus testing and development of materials.

We created the Go5 campaign brand and a range of supporting communication materials, including maps representing energy use for each local government area and a usage guide for councils. Brand visual elements presented key messages and the call to action in a way that is easy to understand, simple and achievable.

Go5 was trialled in seven pilot community programs in Northern Alliance For Greenhouse Action member municipalities to test its effectiveness in helping households understand their energy use relative to others and use less power.

The brand and the pilot program were a success, and were rolled out as a grassroots campaign for local councils to set a benchmark for lowering average household consumption.