Community views on the road to a healthier city

Moonee Valley City Council

To canvass Moonee Valley residents for a second time on a strategy to regulate parking in the area, we translated the key issues of mobility and community wellbeing into accessible bite-sized pieces designed to inform and encourage debate.

Moonee Valley City Council asked Fenton to develop and implement a strategy to increase the number of residents participating in a second phase of consultation on a new parking strategy for metropolitan Moonee Valley.

Our strategy was to first provide context so residents felt well-informed, and provide a range of convenient online and offline options for expressing opinion. We created a narrative to place the issue of parking alongside other considerations essential to a strategy that balances the needs of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

We worked with Moonee Valley City Council’s planners to write plain English summaries of key issues from the strategy, which we rolled out as fact sheets and a narrated online animation. Working with Bang the Table, we set up themed areas on an online community forum where residents could discuss parking issues and access information.

Increased levels of community feedback ranged from formal written submissions to phone and email enquiries and online forum questions.

By empowering people with accessible information and a choice of feedback formats, Moonee Valley City Council is building its relationship with and its reputation among the Moonee Valley community as an organisation that listens and responds.