Aboriginal families connected by culture


Telling the complex story of Aboriginal children who have experienced trauma requires a nuanced communication approach that asks people to think beyond ensuring short-term safety to the bigger issue of ensuring tomorrow’s families are strong and culturally connected.

Fenton has worked with the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA) to build its reputation in the indigenous and non-indigenous communities, raising awareness of its broader vision of culturally imbued family services, and raising funds to expand those services throughout Victoria.

Our research into how VACCA was perceived by staff and external stakeholders informed a new communications strategy designed to increase awareness of the organisation and its work while supporting fundraising efforts.

Research showed that VACCA’s evolution from a small, Aboriginal-controlled childcare agency to a renowned child and family services provider was a story that few stakeholders fully understood. Starting with a brand refresh and a set of guidelines, a new website and an inspiring annual report, we gradually reshaped how VACCA represents itself to the world.

‘Connected by culture’, the new position statement to accompany the updated logo, reinforces the importance of Aboriginal culture and family connections to the process of healing.

VACCA’s annual report was the first outing of the refreshed brand, which we transformed from an obligatory evaluation document to a storytelling tool to convince sectoral stakeholders and the community of the value of their work.