Advocating for safe and sustainable polymers in Australian buildings

Australian Modern Building Alliance

From window frames and piping to flooring and state-of-the art insulation, polymer-based construction materials play a pivotal role in our modern built environment.

Despite research showing that polymer-based materials are more durable and sustainable than their traditional fibreglass and wool counterparts, uptake in Australia has been lower than in the US and UK. We supported Chemistry Australia to brand and position a new industry interest group that is championing the responsible use of polymers in the Australian construction industry.

The Australian Modern Building Alliance (AMBA) was established in 2019 to represent the use of polymers in the Australian construction industry, and engages with media, construction industry stakeholders and regulators to ensure the use of polymers contributes to buildings that are safe, enduring and energy efficient.

Since its inception, AMBA has engaged Fenton Communications to direct communications – from the development of brand and positioning to establishing and delivering a multifaceted communications strategy.

This included working with AMBA and Chemistry Australia to develop the AMBA website, writing, editing and designing technical resources to support AMBA’s industry engagement, developing a media engagement plan and materials to introduce AMBA to key stakeholders, and ongoing participation in the AMBA communications subcommittee to ensure communications support AMBA’s strategic objectives.

With this support, AMBA has expanded its professional membership; successfully engaged with media, industry stakeholders, government and policy makers; participated in industry events and trade shows, and established a suite of intellectual property to educate the industry about the safety, sustainability and energy efficiency merits of polymer-based insulation and its role in construction as Australia moves towards a carbon-neutral future.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic planning
  • Content development
  • Media relations
  • Visual design