We’ve worked in the areas of health, resources, sustainability, social justice, and professional services for more than 30 years, and we’ve learned a few things along the way.

Fenton Communications is a leading Australian strategic communications agency with an integrated approach: we combine in-house expertise in strategic planning, public relations, stakeholder engagement, marketing communications and visual design because they achieve more together.

We work with our clients to create opportunities and realise a shared vision, keeping the target audience at the centre and building valuable relationships.

We believe the best reputations are owned by organisations that do what they say they do. With more than 30 years’ experience working with clients in sectors that impact the Australian community, we combine deep knowledge with diverse skills to build reputations based on authenticity.

Research that reveals

Environmental profilling

Critically assessing the operating environment to inform opportunities, risks and solutions.

Communication auditing

Examining the status of current communications and perceptions.

Literature reviews

Gaining insight from existing research, case studies, reports and previous strategies.

Qualitative and quantitative research

Choosing the right ways to ask and engage. Developing insights that lead to action.

Behavioural insights

Engaging experts in psychology, behavioural economics, user-centred design and systems thinking to better design, develop and implement communications solutions.

Strategy that paves the way

Strategy development

Gathering insights, creating methodologies and devising the right strategy to meet objectives.

Integrated campaigns

Crafting integrated campaigns with the right mix of materials, channels and engagement to address complex social problems.

Brand and marketing

Forging brands with meaning, supported by brand and marketing strategies that stand the test of time.

Creative concept

Advertising and creative strategy that engages both heart and mind.

Change communications

Developing a strategy to ensure communications support the change management process.

Implementation planning

Melding expertise, tools and processes to create implementation plans for large campaigns or small targeted projects.

Risk planning

Managing and mitigating risk through comprehensive planning and preparation.


Seeking out partners to deliver more than the sum of the parts.

Delivery that hits home

Project management

Combining processes, training and tools to make management a standout feature in any project.

Campaign delivery

Seamlessly managing and delivering all aspects of communication campaigns.

Stakeholder engagement

Identifying stakeholders and prioritising needs. Working with people and organisations to build understanding and outcomes.

Crises and issues management

Helping clients work through issues and crises. Advising on and shaping key messages, communication materials and responses.

Creative content

Creating tailored materials that inform, engage and persuade – from printed collateral to infographics, video production and animation.

Media relations

Shaping stories that are relevant, engaging with media and building reputation.


Making a positive difference to our clients and their audiences through authentic, inspiring advertising that gets results.


Creating and managing messages across social media, websites and online platforms.


Developing evaluation frameworks to measure the impact of communication and marketing.

Whether your project is big or small, your aim is to inform or convince, we can devise the right mix of activities to reach the people you need to talk to.