Setting the standards for the Australian accounting profession


We have worked with the Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board (APESB) for ten years. Having first developed the Board’s brand and positioning, we continue to implement a program of integrated communications to keep professional ethics top of mind for accounting professionals.

The APESB is an independent organisation that sets the code of ethics and professional standards in the accounting profession. We support their work with timely, relevant communication including ongoing public consultation for new and revised Australian Standards.

Our communication approach is targeted and supports each of the four strategic directions of the APESB. This includes stakeholder engagement such as educational seminars and events, media relations with news and financial media as well as communications materials and online information and engagement.

Consultations for Standards have been widespread and achieved strong media coverage, which has resulted in the APESB receiving high levels of stakeholder feedback and input for the delivery of new standards.

Events and activities continue to increase awareness of Standards and the role of the APESB.