Schoolboys step up to help stop the spread of HPV

HPV vaccination program

In creating a new communication campaign to promote the rollout of the national Human Papillomavirus (HPV) schools vaccination program, we combined a new campaign brand, tailored information, online tools, audio-visual and stakeholder engagement to reach key target audiences.

In a world first for Australia, the federal Department of Health expanded the HPV schools vaccination program to include boys.  This required clear and compelling communication about the benefits of vaccination for males and females and how to enrol schoolchildren within the target age group in the free national program.

Our approach centred on four distinct phases of communication, each designed to build awareness, understanding and participation.

Our creative response combined inclusive, positive imagery of school children with colourful graphic devices to reinforce campaign messages – particularly the importance of remembering to take all three doses of the vaccine.

The campaign included engaging with subject matter experts to help deliver key messages, establishing and managing a central website for all information, producing a range of materials for schools and stakeholders to educate their community, and ongoing online and stakeholder engagement.


The campaign achieved strong awareness and recall with target audiences, high uptake and use of resources as well as national media coverage of the campaign launch.

Areas of Expertise

  • Web & social media
  • Visual design
  • Content development
  • Strategic planning
  • Campaigns
  • Issues and change management