Alan Fitzpatrick

Content Director
Alan is a senior consultant with over 15 years experience in organisational identity, branding and strategy development.

His core strengths are strategic planning, creative concept, content development and writing.

Alan has worked across the private and public sectors, consistently seeking clients who have a strong vision of social responsibility and positive change. His work spans a breadth of media and audiences, most notably in the areas of public health and education.

Alan’s approach to solving client communication problems is based on what he calls ‘functional inspiration’, which combines research and creative concept to target and engage different audiences.

He is currently working to develop a communications toolkit that will support a consistent approach to promoting psychological wellbeing services for staff and volunteers in emergency service organisations across Victoria.

Alan’s work has been awarded overseas and in Australia, and has featured in two European industry publications. He was part of the Fenton team recognised by the Public Relations Institute of Australia’s Golden Target Awards for the Tasmania’s Biggest Job campaign and more recently was commended for his work on the Rise and Recharge campaign.

He holds a Master of Arts (Communication) from the Saint Joost Academy of Fine Arts in the Netherlands and an Advanced Diploma (Visual Communication) from Dublin Institute of Technology.